Our experience is your advantage

Our business is about creating affordable homes with good facilities in a good environment.  The social aspect of our apartments forms both an important part of our approach and a stimulus to get it right.

About us

We see no contradiction in doing this while at the same time creating a solid investment for you. We have demonstrated the benefits of the Narva Group concept in the successful completion of more than 500 residential units.

Our team has great expertise combined with many years of experience in the fields of building renovation, conversions and property investments. We complete all the important stages of your property investment for you under one roof – from the financing through planning and right up to the completion of the building work.

Where necessary, we are supported in our work by subcontractors whom we trust completely on the basis of our long-standing and successful partnerships with them. This guarantees both complete project transparency as well as seamless process control. It also optimises building conversion costs, representing a great benefit to investors, stakeholders and, not least of all, to the tenants.


Successfully refurbished projects
Renovated Apartments

Our mission

We are Switzerland’s leading building refurbishment company

Narva is the leading building refurbishment company throughout Switzerland. We perform functional and high value refurbishments of older residential complexes.  By refurbishing older structurally sound properties, we create attractive living space which both enhances the local community and attracts
new residential tenants.

Added value

The sensible rental prices guarantee stable tenant structures and therefore realistic and sustainable returns on your investment.  This can help you to create the basis for a solid property investment.  We have more than 10 years of experience in the refurbishment and renovation of older properties as well as a reliable and expert network of suppliers and craftsmen.  We use materials of lasting value to create functional, modern but above all affordable living space.

Everything from a single source

Our experienced team will take care of all the financial, planning, renovation work and legal aspects of your investment in property. This pools responsibilities and reduces costs.

Potential Returns

Acquiring a property

You can acquire one of our properties as soon as the renovation work on it has been completed.  All our properties are fully renovated and are rented out in full at the time of your purchase.  This guarantees you secure returns on your solid investment.

Short-term investments

Why not become an investor! By buying shares in one of our project companies, you will be involved in helping to renovate older properties.  This creates added value which will help to boost your bank balance immediately when the “Upgrade” version of the houses goes on the market.

Acquiring rental properties

Narva offers those interested in making long-term investments the opportunity to invest directly in our properties.  Because you keep the shares in your portfolio over a longer term, they will provide you with collateral for many years.

Our team

We combine well-founded expertise and many years of experience in the field of renovation, remodeling and real estate investment.

From financing through planning to the completion of the refurbishment projects, we can work everything under one roof. Where necessary, there is the possibility to use subcontractors, with whom we have already gained many years of good experience. This not only guarantees full project transparency and complete process control. It optimizes the conversion costs, which benefits investors, stakeholders and not least the tenants.

Our Trusted Partners

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